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Quasery GmbH is a company specializing mainly in the following areas:
Logistic including container transport, truck, ship and air transport, heavy and oversized transport, customs clearance
Intelligent Technology particularly with regard to robotics, 3D-printing, high performance computers
Selling of chemical equipment like solvent recycling systems, exhaust air treatment equipment, oil recycling systems, nitrogen and oxygen generators
A focus of Quasery work is offering of services as forwarding agent and commercial representative of recycling equipment as well as high quality systems in the field of technical chemistry and chemical industry. The main business concept is forwarding and logistic services with constant accessibility round the clock 365 days a year, successful distribution of innovative technology in the area of environmental protection and creation of service points for the maintenance of the purchased equipment as well as after-sales customer support. Our strategic advantages are strong and reliable network of partners in Baltics, North Europe and CIS as well as lighting and competent response to special wishes of the prospects and customers. We are faster than Universe!


Our principal performances are transportation and freight forwarding, translation support and coordination of sales in CIS countries


Multimodal Transport
Long-distance truck transportation
Air and See freight


Technical documentation and manuals
Engineering documentation and drawings
Chinese – German – English – Russian

Business in CIS

Business in CIS
Consultation by certification of technical equipment
Consultation by export and custom clearance
Communication bridges between partners


The marketed products are chemical equipment from German producers that high quality standards and long-term experience have built up a worldwide reputation. These manufacturers are:


Venjakob Umwelttechnik GmbH & Co. KG – producer of equipment for recycling of organic and odor-intensive hazardous contaminants in the air. Own design, production and assembly at the factory provide individual and low cost solutions for efficient and flexible exhaust air treatment.
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Fluid Solutions

Fluid Solutions GmbH – Engineering Firma that presented in the market new and patented process technology (CPT – CycloPlasmaTubereactor) for the recycling of waste products based on mineral oils. Another core business of Fluid Solutions is the manufacture of dosing equipment and blenders with automation systems for the complete plants in the segments like paint and ink production, glue and lubricants blending.
Fluid Solutions
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OFRU Recycling GmbH & Co. KG is a specialist for solvent recycling and belongs to the leading producers of effective solvent processing plants. Furthermore, OFRU Recycling produces treatment facilities for wastewater and rinsing water as well as washing systems for paint and printing industries.
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Research and Development

Creation of service-points for the maintenance and repair works of delivered equipment as well as after-sales customer services
Creation of service-points
Research projects in the spheres of automation, 3D printing and robotics
3D printing
Product of materials on the base of carbon (sp3 Hybridization) for pharmaceutical and cosmetic applications


Quasery GmbH

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